Nantucket: Nantucket Life

This is a collection of images focused on summer life on the island of Nantucket, in contrast to the seascapes that can be found in the Nantucket Seascapes gallery here. These images try to capture and communicate a sense of life on Nantucket, the influence of the whaling history, and of the island's unique location 30 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, there are images of traditional, charming Nantucket houses, landscape images from various parts of the island, and photos related to life on the water, including sailing and fishing. Nantucket has become a well-known vacation resort in the summer, and this collection describes in part why that is the case.

Fine art prints, in various sizes and surfaces, are available for all of the Nantucket images in this gallery. Simply click on images to view, and options to order can be found below each photograph. Thanks.