Landscape: Lofoten

The images in this collection are from a recent trip to the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago north of the Arctic Circle. This is a land of rugged, snow-covered mountain peaks that rise directly from the deep blue waters of the surrounding fjords and oceans. It is a landscape of amazing beauty -- not only the mountains plunging to the sea, but the rocky shores, the beaches, and the quaint fishing villages with their small red and yellow cottages. I traveled in late January, at a time when there are only 4-5 hours of light each day (in contrast to the midnight sun of summer). But that winter light can also be amazingly soft and magical, as long periods of dawn and dusk account for almost all of the "daylight." The Lofoten Islands are also remote (and sparsely populated). They are accessible by air from Oslo, Norway's capital, with flights to small regional airports in Leknes or Tromso. We based ourselves around the town of Reine in the south, and at a small village on the island of Senja, Norway's second largest island, in the north. It was such a joy to spend 10 days in this pristine, secluded, and magical landscape.

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