Iceland, in north Europe, is now a popular tourist destination (especially since the financial crisis of 2008).  It is also a landscape photographer's dream!  This is a sparsely populated country of 360,000 people over a land mass of some 40,000 square miles.  About 2/3 of the population lives in the capital of Reykjavik and surrounding areas to the south -- leaving much of the country unpopulated.  Iceland is a volcanic island, located just outside the Arctic Circle, and the influence of its geology and of past volcanic eruptions is ever-present today.  This is a land of vast lava fields, geothermal fields, black sand beaches, mountains, glaciers, rivers and waterfalls. When driving the ring road around the island, the North Atlantic Ocean is never far away.  And then there are the plateaus and sands and lava fields of the interior -- difficult to access, and amazingly beautiful.  This is a destination that merits frequent visits in all seasons.  I look forward to returning soon!

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